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Multi-Purpose Fence LatchModel Number: #795034

  • 49in H
  • Latch post is constructed of galvanized powder-coated steel to help prevent rusting and stand the test of time and weather
  • Compatible with the multi-purpose fence panels
  • Latch allows you to turn the multi-purpose fence panel into a gate
  • Quick and easy to install- no digging required
  • Extremely versatile fence that can be installed in a variety of configurations to meet many needs such as light duty pet containment and garden fencing
  • Panels, posts, and latch sold separately so you can customize your fence size to meet your specific needs
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty

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The latch featurs a long handle at the top and a locking features to secure your fence.

The latch measures 49in H

A gate can be created using two panels and a latch post for quick access.


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