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6ft H x 4ft W x 8ft D Welded Steel Kennel KitModel Number: #541983

  • 6ft H x 4ft W x 8ft D
  • Constructed of powder coated steel
  • Strong square tube design accepts kennel covers (cover included)
  • All hardware included for easy assembly
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The latch easily attaches to the welded wire kennel panel using a clamp. Once in place, the lock easily slides up and down into a groove for a secure lock and hold.

The kennel clamp connects two panels together using 2 pieces on either side of the panels and a screw through the center to secure and tighten the panel clamp.

Latch assembly is made easy with a clamp and two screws that securely hold the latch into place. One the screws are tightened around the pole, the latch drops down for easy opening and secure closure.


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